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Illegal Parking at 755 E Fourth St, South Boston

Illegal parking
OPENED about 10 hours ago #101001402325

Illegal Parking at 53 Irving St

This car is illegally parked in HP spot
OPENED about 10 hours ago #101001402324

Abandoned Vehicles at 64 Beachview Rd, East Boston

Unpermitted car parked in front of house for over a week.
OPENED about 11 hours ago #101001402323

Damaged Sign at Intersection Of Williams St & Amory St, Jamaica Plain

As part of the Orange line shut down, the stop signs of the three-way stop at Amory Street/Williams street/Carolina Ave by English high school were shifted and put up on temporary cones. Two have been put back in the original location but...
OPENED about 22 hours ago #101001402322

Residential Trash out Illegally at 328 334 Lincoln St, Allston

Trash on foot bridge overpass. Thanks!
OPENED 1 day ago #101001402321

Illegal Parking at Intersection Of Barstow St & Saunders St, Allston

Vehicle illegally parked on corner. Sign says no parking.
OPENED 1 day ago #101001402320

Illegal Parking at 429 W Fourth St, South Boston

BMW SUV illegally parked in a handicap spot
OPENED 1 day ago #101001402319

Illegal Graffiti at Intersection Of Rexhame St & Belgrade Ave, Roslindale

Graffiti. Please remove.
OPENED 1 day ago #101001402318

Litter at 63 69 Endicott St

OPENED 1 day ago #101001402317

Illegal Graffiti at 63 69 Endicott St

OPENED 1 day ago #101001402316

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