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Litter at 103 103a Gordon St, Brighton

Trash on curb
OPENED 8 days ago #101001401989

Needle Clean-up at 30 Cornhill

-- auto translated (en) -- It's just a test -- original (zh-CN) -- ?????
OPENED 8 days ago #101001401988

Roadway Plowing/Salting at Intersection Of Washington Mall & Cornhill

OPENED 9 days ago #101001401986

Pothole at 26 Court St

pothole needs to be fixed
OPENED 12 days ago #101001401985

Broken Sidewalk at 29 Temple Pl

I fell down because of this cracked sidewalk. Fix it! It’s very dangerous!
OPENED 12 days ago #101001401984

Damaged Sign at Intersection Of Otis St & Summer St

Stop sign :stop_sign: bent
OPENED 12 days ago #101001401983

Illegal Graffiti at 101 Arch St

Graffiti at least 3 sizes of this control box
OPENED 12 days ago #101001401982

Street Lights at 115 Howland St, Dorchester

Broken street light
OPENED 12 days ago #101001401981

Residential Trash out Illegally at 1 3 Province St

There has been tons of garbage left outside
OPENED 12 days ago #101001401980

Broken Sidewalk at Intersection Of North St & Congress St

Holes in sidewalk
OPENED 12 days ago #101001401979

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