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Utility Casting Repair at 2 Battery Whf, 4611

OPENED 14 days ago #101001399595

Overflowing Trash Can at 7 Cooper St, Apt 1

OPENED 14 days ago #101001399594

Catchbasin at 25 New Chardon St

OPENED 14 days ago #101001399593

Pothole at 145 Freeport St, Dorchester

Where exactly on the pavement is the pothole? In Gutter | Additional information (if needed): Test Concat | What is the approximate size of the pothole? 5 | Date when pothole noticed: 02/10/2020 | Time when pothole noticed: 05:00
OPENED 16 days ago #101001399592

Dead Animal Pick-up at 145 Freeport St, Dorchester

Dead animal on sidewalk/roadway: Roadway | Details: test | Type of animal: Other | Please explain: test 1 | Date when animal seen: 02/10/2020 | Time when animal seen: 05:00
OPENED 16 days ago #101001399591

Short Term Rental at 1010 Massachusetts Ave Dorchester

Details on why you think it's a short term rental
OPENED 16 days ago #101001399590

Sidewalk Not Shoveled at No Location Specified

Unshovelled location: Sidewalk | City Owned: No | Agency Name: TEST | Details: TEST | Exact location: TEST
CLOSED Case Resolved. - about 1 month ago #101001399570

Roadway Plowing/Salting at 105 W Springfield St, Roxbury

Additional details: Actual address requested is 106 West Springfield Ave
CLOSED Case Resolved. Dd. - about 1 month ago #101001398824

Dead Animal Pick-up at Intersection Of Court Sq & Court St

OPENED about 1 month ago #101001399585

Short Term Rental at 1000 Massachusetts Ave, Roxbury

OPENED about 1 month ago #101001399579

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